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Once proud and mighty, the mountain dwellers known only now as THE LOST ONES were once masters of the tunnels and mines that run deep beneath the eastern mountains of the four kings empire. Long ago, a great conflict erupted between two great brothers of the mountain. The clash of swords and shields echoed through the tunnels and mines, and the earth shook with the fury of battle. When the dust had settled, a proud and ancient people had been shattered, a bond was broken, and their once-great cities had crumbled into ruin.


Forced from their homes, those that would become the lost ones fled into the harsh wilderness, these proud warriors and miners now eke out a living on the windswept mountain peaks and in the rocky valleys below. They have learned to hunt and forage in this unforgiving land, and have become experts at navigating treacherous terrain and fending off dangerous beasts. Though they may be lost to the wider world, they have carved out a path of their own, far from the conflict and strife that once consumed them.


But though they may seem content to dwell in isolation, there are whispers of these forgotten people still harboring a burning resentment towards those who drove them from their homes. In the shadows of their mountain fastness, they sharpen their blades and hone their skills, waiting for the day when they may return and take back their seat at the great table, deep inside the caverns beneath the mountain.

the lost ones

The coastal metropolis valtoria, capital of the four kings empire. The sprawling city rises above an endless shimmering bay, its towering spires and winding streets a testament to the unity of its people. Artisans, merchants, and soldiers have come together in a thriving hub of industry and trade. The clangor of dwarven forges echoes through the night as their skilled hands forge powerful weapons of war to be carried off on the billowing sails of colossal ships.


The sea is the lifeblood of this bustling city, and from it flows an endless tide of wealth and wonder. Caravans of exotic goods from the farthest reaches of the world make their way to the city's markets, while the finest craftsmen and performers from every corner of the land gather to ply their trades and entertain the masses. Above it all, the four kings watch over their great domain, striving to build a new age of progress and enlightenment for all who dwell beneath their rule.


Amidst the ceaseless activity of the harbor and the winding alleys of the city, there is a palpable sense of magic and wonder. The people of this great coastal city have woven together the threads of their many cultures and beliefs, forging a tapestry of art and spirit that is as beautiful as it is powerful. And as the winds of change continue to blow, carrying with them the ash of wars long since past, reminding the people of this mighty city, to stand ready to face the ones to come. 

spirit - arcane - shadow - fury


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